Sell and Rent Back

Going through some financial difficulties, we are able to help you get a quick cash injection while still retaining a place to stay with our sell and rent back arrangements.

Selling your home and renting it back may be the perfect solution to any financial challenges, particularly if you are going through financial challenges or want to avoid repossession

Quick Cash Injections

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We appreciate you may be going through some challenging times and a lengthy sales process is the last thing you need now. We make an offer for your property ourselves, helping you get the cash you need fast.

Avoid Lengthy Sales Processes

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Just because you need a quick cash injection doesn’t mean you should let go of your home for less than its fair value. We are in the business of helping clients sell their homes fast, at fair market prices, and we can offer you the same help with your property

Fair Market Based Offers

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If you are selling your home but need to continue living in it, this agreement is for you.

Whatever your reason for selling your current home, if you continue to need a place to stay, you can forget the need to couch surf, book a hotel or any other limbo sellers go through while they wait for a new home. Sell your home to us, and continue to leave with it.

Secure a place to stay even as you sell
Inject some much-needed cash flow
We are flexible on the rent-back period
We offer friendly rent-back terms
We legally regulate all our rent back arrangements