Benefits to Downsizing

There are several benefits to downsizing

· Become mortgage-free – with the creases in cost of living and interest rates it makes sense to buy a smaller house that is mortgage-free and possibly cheaper to run and maintain. By selling your house for cash, you could be in a position to become a cash buyer of your new home and thus the preferred bidder, giving you more options to get the home you want.

· Release of equity – if you have owned your home for a long period, your home may have benefited from the increases in property prices over the years, as well as having repaid a big chunk of your mortgage. By selling your larger home and buying a smaller one, you will be able to release some equity to enjoy on the important things in life.

· Reduce monthly outgoings – a smaller house will most likely mean that you save on monthly costs like gas, electricity, maintenance and insurance, not to mention the time and hassle that you will save too. Saved money that you can put towards other things.

· More time for the good things in life, less time on cleaning – smaller house means less cleaning and chores, freeing up the time you want to spend on the good things in life!

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