Probate Property

Having inherited a house from a loved relative, you will probably want to get it sold ASAP. This may be due to financial reasons, the overwhelming emotions or relieving the stress of the burden of having to sort out all of the affairs. It is common for a probate property to have financial and legal complications attached to the sale of the house. On top of that, the property may not be in a good condition, which makes it more challenging to sell through traditional methods.
At MyHomeSold, we are sensitive in assisting clients who need to sell a probate property. We understand the difficulties of the probate procedure and can assist throughout the process.


Probate Sale With MyHomeSold

Dealing with the stress and emotion of going through probate and putting a property on the market is the last thing you want to deal with following the passing of a loved relative. Using an estate agent may take a long time and will likely still cause you much hassle and stress.
The condition of the inherited property may also pose an extra challenge to you. If the home requires repair or renovation work, this may deter purchasers, estate agents and mortgage valuers. This is not an issue for us.
MyHomeSold aim to make selling a probate property as easy as reasonably possible.

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