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Why Use MyHomeSold?

As a cash-paying house buyer, our method is the quickest option to sell your home.

Selling a home often means having to go through time-consuming tasks such as dealing with estate agents, chasing solicitors, the buyers organising surveys and obtaining a mortgage, and that’s even without the potential dreaded chain breaks. This all adds more time and stress to a property being on the market. We promise to get your home sold in a speedy manner. We will even handle all of the legal paperwork on your behalf, so that you have fewer issues to deal with. Additionally, we buy your property regardless of its location or condition.


There are many benefits of selling your home with MyHomeSold

· Free consultation and valuation

· No expensive estate agency fees

· No time-consuming viewings, no-hassle, no chains

· No costs throughout and no hidden charges

· No legal costs

· Obligation-free service

· Private, discreet and confidential service


Probate Property

Having inherited a house from a loved relative, you will probably want to get it sold ASAP. This may be due to financial reasons, the overwhelming emotions or relieving the stress of the burden of having to sort out all of the affairs. It is common for a probate property to have financial and legal complications attached to the sale of the house. On top of that, the property may not be in a good condition, which makes it more challenging to sell through traditional methods.

At MyHomeSold, we are sensitive in assisting clients who need to sell a probate property. We understand the difficulties of the probate procedure and can assist throughout the process.


Probate Sale With MyHomeSold

Dealing with the stress and emotion of going through probate and putting a property on the market is the last thing you want to deal with following the passing of a loved relative. Using an estate agent may take a long time and will likely still cause you much hassle and stress.

The condition of the inherited property may also pose an extra challenge to you. If the home requires repair or renovation work, this may deter purchasers, estate agents and mortgage valuers. This is not an issue for us.

MyHomeSold aim to make selling a probate property as easy as reasonably possible.



Is Poor Health leading you to Sell Your Home?

Selling your home may not always be the right solution for you if you are experiencing poor health. However, sometime selling you home quickly can be the best thing if you need to move to another place or a care facility, thus also raising funds for the care and reducing the stress of having to go through a conventional property sale.

Having to deal with chasing estate agents, worrying about potential buyers pulling out, agonising about mortgage valuations, and navigating the complicated paperwork with solicitors are not what should be on your mind at a time of dealing with health issues. Besides for being exhausting, these are also time-consuming and sometimes daunting. Likewise, even if you are handling the property sale on behalf of a loved one, these are hassles that are probably less important to you than caring for your relative. It makes it even more important for you to secure a guaranteed buyer with the simplest sale process possible through MyHomeSold


Divorce – get MyHomeSold fast!

A divorce or separation is not an experience that anyone wants to go through, even more so the stress of having to deal with your property.

Besides for dealing with your partner, there are also the numerous costs that add up when using the conventional method of selling through estate agents. That’s not to mention the “broadcast” to the street that your relationship has gone south.

MyHomeSold respects your privacy. We handle your situation discreetly and confidentially – you will not be dealing with masses of buyers coming through your home, each of them asking the estate agents, “why are they selling?”

Having to chase estate agents, arranging access for viewings, dealing with solicitors, and worrying about the dreaded chain breaking are not things that you have to go through when already dealing with a separation, especially with children involved.

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